Espinoza, Josue

josue_espinozaJosué Espinoza


Cumulative GPA (weighted):  4.44 (unweighted) 3.52. 

Whitney M. Young High School  (Chicago, IL)

Graduation year-2018

6’1″ 180lbs, #16, Defensive midfielder. 

  • 3 years Varsity Starter. 
  • All Conference-2 years. 
  • State All-Sectional. 
  • State Cup Champion (2015). 
  • Regional Champion (2016). 
  • National League Champion (undefeated)…(2016)
  • National League champion (undefeated -2017)
  • National Finalist (2016)

I have been playing competitive soccer since 2006. My game philosophy is to work hard, outsmart, out skill and out clever my opponents. I enjoy my position on the field as a distributor and an architect on the offensive side of the ball, and as an aggressive force  on the defensive side of the ball.